What is CodeKollektiv?

We are a group of _ (at last count) indie / freelance iOS and Mac developers.
The CodeKollektiv is the office that we share together in Berlin.


Are you looking for iOS or Mac developers?

Many of us do client projects as freelancers, either alone or in a team. If you are looking for one or more experienced iOS or Mac OS X developers, feel free write to Please include as much information as possible about yourself and the project you have in mind.

We do read every e-mail. However, if you do not hear from one of us after a few days, it means that we are currently all busy with other work or not interested in your project.

How to find us

Großbeerenstraße 79, 10963 Berlin (Kreuzberg)

U1 U7 ~5 min walk from U Möckernbrücke
U6 U7 ~8 min walk from U Mehringdamm
U1 U6 ~10 min walk from U Hallesches Tor